Renee Sills'

5-day retreat

September 1-7, 2018
a 5-day retreat
with the exquisite, loving and nourishing human,
Renee Sills.

It is an absolute honor to have Renee Sills run a retreat for Curated.

This five-day retreat focuses on the 5 elements

and how they manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Enjoy daily practices that integrate your elemental body

through meditation, yoga*, movement, art, writing and mindfulness rituals.


Along with these practices,

you'll have the opportunity to experience the island

with local guide and artist Zoja Smutny.

Zoja will lead afternoon hikes to sacred beaches

and arrange nightly curated dinners at local tavernas.

Day 1 - WATER
 On day one we’ll explore esoteric anatomy and

astrological affiliation of the water signs through the body.

Through restorative somatic practice, sound and ceremony

each person can engage their capacity for self-acceptance and emotional healing.

Day 2 - FIRE

On day two we’ll explore esoteric anatomy and

astrological affiliation of the fire signs through the body.

Through dynamic breath-work, movement and creative practices

we’ll create a collaborative space

in which each person can engage a deep personal inquiry

of their unique purpose here on Earth.

Day 3 - AIR

On day 3 we’ll explore esoteric anatomy and

astrological affiliation of the air signs through the body.

Through meditation, alignment practice, writing and conversation

we’ll develop the gifts of our minds:

curiosity, collaboration and cognitive synthesis.

Day 4 - EARTH

On day four we’ll explore esoteric anatomy

and astrological affiliation of the earth signs through the body.

Through focused, intentional strengthening and subtle mobilizing practices

we will learn how to create space in our bodies

for fluctuations of thought, emotion and instinct.

As we work individually

we will also learn how to transmit physical energy into our environments

in order to assist stable and harmonious relations in the material world.

Day 5 - ETHER

On day five we’ll learn about the philosophy of Akasha:

the empty space which gives rise to all manifestation.

We will practice conscious attunement to the akashic principle

as it moves through various channels in our bodies and rests in all surrounding space.

Through visualization and awareness practices of subtlety and sound

we will explore how the connection of our hearts, minds, and bodies to spiritual essence

creates internal and external peace and clarity.

*This is an "all levels" yoga retreat. Modifications and options that support many body and movement needs

will be given so that activity and rest are simultaneously available.

RETREAT RATE: 500 Euros includes Renee's and Zoja's guidance and 6 dinners (accommodation is extra)



The Yoga Studio, where practice will happen every morning, is located down by the port (Karavostasi).

The main village Chora is 3 km away. There is a local bus that takes about 7min to get to the port and vice versa. One can also rent a scooter or a car for getting around.

It's suggested you stay either in Chora or Karavostasi. 

The village of Ano Meria is too far from both Chora and Karavostasi.

We will visit it once all together during the retreat, but to stay there is quite out of the way with very little local bus options.

If you are interested in fancier boutique hotels in either Chora or Karavostasi,

I have made some recommendations on the Home page of this site.

All the dinners happen in Chora.

All the cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels are in Chora, but there are a few by the port.

It's up to you what vibe you want:

Chora is lively and so cinematic, but only views of the sea.

Karavostasi is very quiet, but right by the sea.

Chora: I love this place!

Ambelos (

offers double occupancy rooms (very affordable) with pool,

30 min walk down to yoga studio or 7 min bus ride

If you want to stay at Ambelos,

email Zoja ( and she will book it for you.

PavlosX2 (

still in Chora towards the port, double occupancy

very affordable , no pool or breakfast, super sweet place

20 min walk down to yoga studio from here or 7 min bus ride


Karavostasi: the port!

Alisideri (

this place is a total gem, with a view to a kill

the rooms are double occupancy,

and very simple, so beautiful

Only 2 rooms left for this September retreat

email Zoja (

if you want to book at Alisideri



Renee Sills is a multidisciplinary artist, author, astrologer and educator.


The throughline of her work is an ongoing investigation of spirituality, mindfulness, creative agency and

the adaptive processes of the human body in contemporary landscapes.

As an educator, Renee’s unique facilitation style blends embodiment practices (somatics, yoga, dance,)

environmental and relational mindfulness, esoteric philosophical study, and creative expression.


Renee currently teaches yoga and movement,

anatomy, astrology, and contemporary art practices nationally and internationally.

She is the author of Embodied Astrology and is a full-time artist based in Portland OR.


Learn more about her and her work at any of the following websites: