Yoga, meditation, sound bath, song circle, crystal bowl sound healing, exercises for release of vocal expression and resonant sound

For anyone that has been curious about releasing their voice through sound, making sounds, moving to sound, along with the practice of  yoga and hikes, this retreat is for you. 

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5 full days, 6 nights


What is included

6 dinners in different tavernas (not including alcohol)

5 days of workshops with Odeya (3hrs a day)

3 hikes with Zoja to sacred beaches

floating meditations

an adventure of a life time


Price Breakdown



680 euros


Shared Accommodation (breakfast included)

860 euros 

at Aegeo hotel in Chora


Single Accommodation (breakfast included)- only one single room left

1,040 euros

at Aegeo hotel

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor, interdisciplinary vocalist, composer, and embodied voice teacher. Her artistic work ranges from orchestral music to sound installations and sound healing Voice Baths. She leads vocal workshops and retreats dedicated to the integration of mindfulness, communication, imagination, visualization, movement of energy and improvisation to release and transform the resonant voice. As a solo performer her voice has been heard on the concert stage, museums and mountain tops from Los Angeles to Australia, Madagascar, Mongolia and Vietnam. 

In June 2016 Odeya gave birth to her first child, a sweet little boy named Taiga Kol. The journey of motherhood has added an even deeper connection to the offering and nurturing of her voice.